Welcome to btc - Biltmore Central League


  • We are a community service organization which provides volunteer opportunities for 
    7th -12th grade boys and their families.

    Here's a quick peek at what btc is all about:

    **Our League is now forming 
    and our Prospective Member Drive for the 
    2018-2019 calendar year has begun!!!

     If you are interested in joining:

    1. 1. Please read the Prospective Member Information above
    2. 2. Then complete the Prospective Member Application. 
      3. Prospective Member Application deadline is xxx, 2018.
    3. 4. July xx, 2018: Prospective Members will be informed of their enrollment status.

  • In the event of more applicants than spaces, a blind draw will be conducted.
  • Submission of Prospective Member Application 
    does NOT guarantee membership.

  • Prospective Members:  Click on the Prospective Member Information for details regarding btc Biltmore Central
  • Please note: To be eligible for incoming membership in Biltmore Central League, you must live in one of the 
    following zip codes: 
  • 85012, 85013, 85014, 86016, 85020 or 85021.

    For questions about boys team charity of Biltmore Central League 
    please email by selecting the "Contact Us" link.

boys team charity is a volunteer service organization dedicated to developing an altruistic spirit in young men through active participation of parents and sons in philanthropic projects in their communities.